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May 26, 2016

Changing Trends in Business Travel Booking

Features at a glance

The report examines reasons, other than lower ticket prices, that are most likely to influence business travelers to opting for one airline over another
The report identifies key factors, other than lower rental costs, that are most likely to make business travelers choose one car rental company over another
The report assesses the importance of travel meta-search options for creating business travel plans, and identifies popular travel meta-search websites used by business travelers in the last six months
  • The report identifies key factors that are decisive for hotel bookings
  • The report examines how companies manage business travel bookings
  • The report identifies key reasons for cutbacks in premium travel plans
  • The report examines the staying patterns of executive when a business trip is extended to a leisure trip
  • The report assesses executives' viewpoints about cutbacks in group incentive travel programs

"Changing Trends in Business Travel Booking" is a new report by Timetric that globally analyzes executive's opinions on the relevance of travel meta-search options, and identifies key factors affecting the selection of airlines and car rental operators for business travel. The report also examines executive viewpoints about cutbacks in group incentive travel programs and premium travel plans. Furthermore, it analyzes companies' approaches to business travel booking, and identifies executives' responses when business travel is combined with leisure.

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