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July 2, 2015

아름다운 한글명칭 Beautiful Korean Words

새하마노(Sae-Ha-Ma-No): 동서남북 (East West South North)

미리내(Mi-Ri-Nae): 은하수 (Galaxy)

희나리(Hee-Na-Ri): 마르지 않은 장작 (Never Dried Fire Wood)

아라(A-RA): 바다 (Sea)

미르(Mir): 용 (Dragon)

나린(Na-Rin): 하늘이 내린 (Descended from Heaven)

아토(ATO): 선물 (Gift)

하제(Ha-Jae): 내일 (Tomorrow)

마루(Ma-Ru): 하늘 (Sky)

비나리(Bi-Na-Ri): 축복 (Blessing)

다솜(Da-Som): 애틋한 사랑 (It is not easy to translate this feeling of love or mind in English, but it is very similar to 'Agape Love' or 'Endless True Love' which is the same as 'Parent's True Love' to their children)

누리(Nu-Ri): 세상 (World)

나래(Na-Rae): 날개 (Wings)

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