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April 13, 2015

Genesis-3D, the first commercial open source 3D engine all over the world

ChangYou spends $30,000,000 on developing the Genesis-3D engine. It takes the team which consists of hundreds of engineers about 4 years to develop the engine. Genesis-3D is the first commercial open source 3D engine all over the world. It includes cross-platform render engine, 2D engine, physical engine, sound system, particle system, animation system, server engine and game design tools, and so on. So, it can be used to develop all kinds of games. Commercial quality and open source are two main advantages of Genesis-3D. You can find integrated functions, great tool chains and extremely stabilization in the engine. With the open source, Genesis-3D enables developers to modify and customize the device according to their needs. Besides, it also provides with comprehensive technical support and localized documentations. And different cooperative enterprise can get customized service for the engine, which is well shown the idea of the human-centric.

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