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June 16, 2014

Kim Chi Making Experience

Kim Chi Making Experience


2 kg of Korean Cabbages

400 g of Radish

2/1 of Onion

80 g of Leek

80 g of Leaf Mustard

80 g of Parsley

100 g of Red pepper powder

200 g of Garlic

20 g of Ginger

1/3 Cup of pickled shrimps

1/2 Cup of pickled anchovies

40 g of Sugar

1 Tablespoon Salt 

Kim Chi Festival, Gwangju, Korea


1. Remove the yellow outer leaves from the cabbages and cut them in half, pickle them in 15% salt water for 6 hours. Then wash them with flowing clean water and put in the bamboo basket for remove water for 1 hour.

2. Shred radish in the size of 5c.m, 0.2 c.m, 0.3 c.m

3. Cut small green onion, parsley and leaf mustard in the size of 4c.m length

4. Pour 1/4 of water in the onion and finely grind it while press garlic, ginger and pickled shrimps finely.

5. Mix the shredded radish with the red pepper power to color the shredded radish in red and mix the ingredients of item 3 and 4 above plus the pickled anchovies with the sugar added to make spices and condiments to put in the inside of the cut cabbages. Insert the spices and condiments between the leaves of the cabbages and put the cabbages in an earthenware pot and leave them at the normal temperature for about 12 hours for their fermenting and store them in a refrigerator at 4 – 5 Celsius of temperature.

Gam-Sa-Hap-Ni-Da (Thank You Very Much !!)