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August 25, 2015

94% of Chinese shoppers research on mobile while in-store.

This chart from Geometry Global’s 2014 Connect Shopper white paper presents a fascinating comparison of consumer behavior around the world when connected devices are brought in to stores. Not surprisingly, emerging markets who have embraced mobile conectivity like China (94%), India (87%), Russia (74%), and Brazil (70%), exhibit the highest usage of connected mobile devices in-store to check pricing (35%), conduct on-the-spot research (25%), or take to photos for potential sharing (24%). On the other end of the spectrum, developed markets like the U.S. (35%), Japan (40%), and the U.K. (31%) showed the lowest usage of connected devices while in stores. These results only confirm the importance of O2O and omni-channel strategies for brands looking to do business with China’s sophisticated and always-connected consumers. [Geometry Global]

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